I started my journey  at a very young age. The first time I was exposed
to 3D was at the age of 14. When I did my first internship after school
I completed a job that was supposed to take three weeks in three days.
That’s when I knew I was onto something and that 3D was becoming more
than just a hobby.

During my industrial design studies I was able to take a lot of
shortcuts because of my 3D skills and I got hired as a 3D artist right
afterwards. Spending my time in 3D every day and getting paid for it
seemed like a dream come true. I loved being part of a team and
especially working
as an art director. It’s funny how you as a mentor learn just as much
from your mentees as they learn from you. But I felt ahead of what my
job required from me and wanted to push myself beyond my capabilities.

That’s when I started creating artworks. It was a way to dive deep in,
get lost in it and learn along the way. David Bowie was able to capture
what I am trying to say:“Always go a little further into the water than
you feel you’re capable of being. Go a little bit out of your depth and
when you don’t feel your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just
about in the right place to do
something exciting.“ I push myself so much because I always try to get
into that exciting place.